888 Poker Review

888 Poker Review

888 Poker has quickly built up their rep in terms of their player base, as they are now getting some well-known players consistently on the site, and also are growing rapidly as well. Overall though, for players who play at the lower limits, you’ll find that you can get in against some average to below average competition, which is something that almost all players look for in an online poker site. I’d say that overall with all of the online poker sites out there, 888 Poker has probably become one of the most improved sites in the game today, and is now very respected by the online poker community. The software, games offered, and many other things are all much improved, and we are going to take a look at everything about this site from top to bottom.

Bonuses and Promotions

When you first join up at 888 Poker you’ll find that there is a 100% match bonus that goes up to $700 to kick off your account the right way. The bonus is going to be available for you to earn over a 90 day span, and it is given in $10 increments as you earn it. The bonuses release is based off of the rake that you generate to the site, so for every $50 that you generate, you will get $10 put into your account. 888 Poker is also big in letting players get a run on their software and site for free, with their $8, no deposit required free bonus. The $8 bonus is a great way to try out the software to see what 888 Poker is all about.

888 is big on offering different promotions throughout the year as well to their players, and they really vary throughout the year. You’ll find that they do a great job of making original promotions that draw interest from the players. They are going to award players also for their play with bonus dollars. This means that for every $10 that you end up betting, you are going to get a point awarded to you in a type of rewards program. From there, every 100 points that you end up earning is going to get you one dollar for free. This is a nice bonus for the high stakes players also, because they can make a good chunk of change back for their play.

Tournament Play and Competition

Probably one of the best parts about 888 is the large number of tournaments that are offered through the site. They are consistent throughout the day each day, and many people have said that the tournaments are incredibly tough either. Players looking to get it in early and often give you a great chance to be patient and pick spots to pick up some chips and make deep runs. The site really focuses their tournament on lower dollar buy-in tournaments though, so if you are a high stakes tournament player you won’t have an incredible number of tournaments to choose from. Overlays are a common thing also it seems at 888 Poker, which is something that tournament players should consistently be looking to take advantage of with the guaranteed poker tournaments. As you can imagine though, the biggest day for tournaments at 888 is going to be Sunday when they have some big guarantees and quite a few different options for players as well.

The competition that you are going to find at 888 Poker is actually a selling point for the site. The players aren’t consistently strong, and you’ll find yourself up against some below average players often in tournaments cash games alike domino99. You are likely to find many players who just like to gamble and throw money around, and also the players who like to call down with almost any two cards to see what you are holding. Making a solid profit on this site is something that players can do pretty easily if they have a good knowledge of the game of poker.

Software and Customer Service

We did previously touch on the software at 888 Poker, but the rise that they’ve made from what their software used to be can’t be overstated. Things at 888 were pretty standard, straightforward, and honestly just boring in the past, which is something that they made sure to focus on attempting to fix. The software’s improvements over the past few years probably made the poker room what it is today. The coolest part of 888 Poker’s software is the fact that they have a Pokercam option that will give players the opportunity to see other players on their webcam. The main lobby is very easy to navigate and finding the types of games, limits, and anything else is easy to do. Overall, getting from point A to point B is easy to do.

The customer service at 888 Poker is pretty standard with the online poker world, meaning that you’ll have a few different ways to get questions answered if needed. The standard email option is always there, but most people will choose to use the telephone support since it is quicker. Emails do take a bit to get responded to, so if you are looking to get a quick response stick with the phone option.

Ring Games and Tournaments

For the ring games that you are going to find available at 888 Poker, it will include things like the popular options of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo, but also feature Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo. The limits for fixed games are going to be anywhere from $0.02/$0.04 up to $75/$150, while the No Limit and Pot Limit options are from $0.01/$0.02 up to $10/$20. The tournaments are going to be both single and multi-table tournament options, so players can take their pick. Single table tournaments run from $0.25 up to $750, while the multi-table tournaments are going to range from just a penny up to $215 per tournament.