Bovada Poker Review

Bovada Poker Review

Bovada, which was originally Bodog for all of the United States players out there was created after Black Friday hit the United States. Bovada is a go-to option in the online gambling world for United States players specifically, as it not only features a great online poker room, but also has online casino play and an online sports betting site as well for US players. The entire site is based completely off of Bodog, so if you were a player at Bodog who was shifted to Bovada at the beginning of this year, you probably see that almost everything on the site is the exact same except for the name that goes along with it. Bovada features great withdrawals and banking options for players, strong software, great games, and competition that players have given some good reviews on as well.

Bonuses and Promotions

There is a whole lot to look into about Bovada, so let’s take an in-depth look at the site and see what it’s really all about. For all new players at Bovada you’ll get a 100% match on up to $1,000 to start off your account. Not only will you get some money in terms of a bonus which is released over time while you play, but you are also going to earn entries into some different satellites over the first few weeks to give you the chance to build up your bankroll with your play at the poker tables as well. The bonus that we feature above isn’t too tough to clear either, and if you are playing at the mid-level stakes you’ll find yourself being able to get a good chunk of that bonus pretty quickly.

One cool promotion that players can take advantage of through Bovada is a 50% free bet bonus that is given to new players, which means that any player who deposits money into their online SportsBook account is going to get 50% of that to go towards a free bet up to $250. If you win that bet within 30 days, you are going to get the winnings from the bet placed into your bonus account. After you play through the bonus and get it released it can be withdrawn at any time. New players at Bovada are also going to get 6 private freeroll entries that will give them a shot to win a seat in the big Sunday tournament with a $100k guarantee. There is a Bad Beat bonus as well on the site and quite a few other great promotions as well.

Tournament Play and Competition

For United States players, the tournament play at Bovada is a great option and one of the stronger ones out there. You’ll find that there are around 5 or 6 tournaments per hour during the peak hours, and of course the big time Sunday tournament that has a guarantee of $100k. There are different qualifiers running for this tournament as well throughout the weeks. There are daily guaranteed tournaments with prize pools ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, and buy-in’s that cater to all types of players which are anywhere from $1 to $75. The tournaments also are not going to feature thousands and thousands of players either, which many players love. You’ll find that the bulk of tournaments with under $55 tournaments are going to get around 300-400 players normally, which won’t leave you sitting around all day, but will still create quite a nice prize pool also. Don’t overlook the freerolls that are offered at Bovada either though.

Loose play is almost an expectation at Bovada recently. That includes both poker tournaments and cash game play also, and just like from Bodog, a key reason for this is probably because of the fact that there are sports bettors and casino players dabbling int he action as well. Many players at Bovada are looking to gamble more than you’ll find at other sites, which is a good thing if you can remain patient. Games seemed to get softer and softer at almost all online gambling sites after Black Friday, and since this is a United States focused site, it was quickly found that many United States players jumped into the site looking to gamble and play some loose poker.

Software and Customer Service

The game speed that comes along with the play on Bovada is great for players, as is the option to customize things during the in-game play also. Many people want to be able to play around with how things look and feel until they feel comfortable, which is definitely an option at Bovada. Players can write a player profile about them self at Bovada, and can also upload their own photos and change the color of the felt if they’d like to also. The lobby at Bovada is really created just to make things as simply as possible to get from point A to point B, which is how it really should be. You don’t need to get into anything too crazy in the lobby, as many players just want to find what they are looking for and get into the action. One of the talks about the software at Bovada has been about the anonymous tables that are running through their site so that players cannot use stat-tracking programs, which is both good and bad. It means that you can’t use a stat-tracking program, but other players also can’t use one on you.

Bovada does a very nice job with their customer service team. While they do offer email support, their telephone support is incredibly strong. I’ve found that things from a customer support stand point are taken very seriously from Bovada. If you have a question or concern it is tended to quickly, but also you will find that you are likely to get personalized emails from the site about promotions, and if you respond to the promotions you can get your questions answered by a customer service representative or a manager on the site as well. They enjoy talking with their players and helping them out, which is something that is huge for an online poker site.

Ring Games and Tournaments

Bovada is going to offer a few games including Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud games. The limits will vary a good bit, but are the same as what Bovada offers. For the Limit games on the site the minimum games are $0.05/$0.10, and the No Limit games are $0.02/$0.05 minimums. The maximum limits that you are going to find on Bovada will be up to $30/$60 in the Limit games, and $10/$20 in the No Limit games. The tournaments feature many guaranteed tournaments, and the buy-in’s are going to range anywhere from your typically freeroll up to the high stakes tournaments in the hundreds of dollars for buy-in costs.