Carbon Poker Review

Carbon Poker Review

Carbon Poker is the feature site on the Merge Gaming Network and it has been up there in terms of the ranks of popularity over the past few years. A key reason why Carbon Poker is such a popular option right now though may have something to do with the fact that they are one of the few online poker sites out there that still accept players from the United States. They are also widely considered to be one of the top two or three options for United States players also when rating on things like games and tournaments offered as well as other things. The site offers a wide range of different sized games for low stakes players up to the high stakes players, and today we are going to take an in-depth look at the site as a whole.

Bonuses and Promotions

For starters, new players at Carbon are going to be awarded with a bonus that is worth 200% on up to $5000 for your first deposit. The bonus is awarded in $5 increments over time, and you are going to get $1 towards the bonus for every 75 VIP points that you earn. This means that for every 375 VIP points that you earn you are going to get $5 sent into your account. The minimum deposit to earn this is $10, and it is only a one time bonus. Carbon Poker is big on offering different reload bonuses to keep players in the action though, so be sure to keep your eye out for those.

As far as the promotions go, you can’t go wrong with the series’ that are offered. They were big on the popular Poker Maximus series that features huge guaranteed prize pools in tournaments, as well as some different promotions inside of the main promotion. The promotions at Carbon are going to vary monthly on Carbon, but you can get a good bit of money for free through the promotions that they run, so anytime that they run a new promotion it’s definitely worth watching for.

Tournament Play and Competition

We will absolutely talk about all of the different tournaments that are offered, but the freerolls at Carbon have to be talked about. You’ll find that there are $500 freerolls that run almost every day of the week for players to take advantage of for the first few weeks after they create a new account. There are also ways to join different freerolls ranging from $50k guarantees down to $50 tournaments. The regular tournaments on the site are also very strong and they offer many different guaranteed tournaments throughout the week. Probably their most popular tournaments are the big guarantees that happen on Sunday’s which feature prize pools of anywhere from $15k and up with buy-in’s for as little as $11. Daily though you’ll find guarantees of around $2,000 or $2,500 for that same cost.

The competition that comes along at Carbon Poker is very, very loose. This includes both the cash games and the poker tournaments. Players are very likely to bluff or become impatient it seems. The deeper you get into tournaments and the larger buy-in’s that you start to play in cash games will obviously see improved play, but you are still likely to find quite a few fish at this site. Even at the mid-level limits in cash games though you are probably still going to get players who are just looking to gamble and get their chips into the middle with bluffs or just to see what happens.

Software and Customer Service

The software at Carbon Poker and through the Merge Gaming Network is very easy to use, and it’s customizable which is big for players as well. You can resize the tables, change the colors boya poker and looks of the tables, and do much more. The graphics throughout the game are very great also, and the play is smooth with very little lag happening also. While the software has a nice feel, there are also some cool features as well such as the option to show only one card in your hand, a Rabbit option to show the next card that would have been dealt, and the ability to “Deal It Twice” giving players the chance to go all-in and have the turn and river cards dealt twice to reduce the variance that comes along with these situations.

The customer service at Carbon Poker is focused on the email option, but they are pretty prompt with their responses. They also have a full FAQ section for anyone who has any questions that could be answered that way. Carbon breaks the email down to a few different things so that you can email specifically about what question that you have, and you are likely to find a response to your question or concern with the situation being handled within a day.

Ring Games and Tournaments

For the cash game players out there you are likely to find that whatever type of game that you like to play, that Carbon is likely to offer it. They not only feature Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud, Draw, and other Mixed Games also. The limits of the games are going to be from $0.02/$0.04 up to $50/$100. For the tournaments, we previously mentioned the many freerolls that are offered through Carbon, but the tournaments can get pretty large and go over $200 or so per event. Obviously sometimes the tournament buy-in ranges will vary if there are tournament series’ that are running on Carbon as well.