Lock Poker Review

Lock Poker Review

Lock Poker has been around since back in 2007 and while they may be considered fairly new to the online poker world, they’ve made some big moves recently. It all started when they were a part of the Merge Gaming Network, and after they became very well-known actually ended up leaving the network and purchasing the Cake Poker Network and combining to create a new network called Revolution. Now Lock Poker uses the Cake Poker Software, but it is a bit more improved (more on that below). They are one of the few online poker sites out there that still accept United States players, and the site as a whole offers a good range of different types of games for players, including both cash games and tournaments.

Bonuses and Promotions

For any player who signs up at Lock Poker and is looking to get a good sized bonus, Lock could be a great option. They give you a 200% match on up to $4,000 currently, which players are able to take advantage of one time. You are going to be awarded the bonus over a span of $5 at a time for every 84 VIP points that you end up earning from your play. The points are given based on rake, and $1 in rake in a cash game is going to equal up to 1 VIP point, while tournament fees are going to be 7 FPP’s for every $1 that you pay into a tournament.

Probably one of the best parts about Lock Poker is the fact that they offer a large number of different promotions for players. Many of these promotions are going to be things like tournament series’ that are going to give you the chance to bring home your share of a massive prize pool. They’ve done many different things, but change up their promotions throughout the year to give players something to look forward to month in and month out while they are signed up at Lock Poker.

Tournament Play and Competition

The tournaments at Lock Poker are definitely going to feature some strong options, but while they aren’t going to be massive like some of the largest in the online poker world, they still have some consistent and good guaranteed tournaments running. There are many tournaments that run daily, and they also feature sit n go options for players as well. As you can imagine, Sunday is their biggest day of the week for tournament play with some big time guarantees with tournaments ranging anywhere from the very low end for recreational players, up to the high stakes players in the hundreds of dollars. Probably one of the biggest tournaments to watch for are the series’ that they run from time to time that have even larger guarantees.

I’ve found that it really does vary quite a bit between games and tournaments. On Sunday’s you are going to get a good number of solid players, but also are going to get the players looking to gamble. For tournament play, the below average players are often knocked out pretty early on, but the low stakes games are probably going to feature the weaker competition consistently. If you are looking to play against the average and below average players on Lock Poker, look to play in the small stakes poker tournaments, or the lower limit to mid limit cash games as well.

Software and Customer Service

The software has made a big change in the past year, as it was originally under the Merge Gaming Network, but their change over to Revolution Gaming was a big one for the site. Their old software was solid, but the new software has gotten some strong reviews. Many people liked the old Cake Poker software, but I actually wasn’t a huge fan of it. The improved software at Lock Poker though is much better, and things seem to run more smoothly and also move more quickly as well. The main lobby of the site is pretty easy to get through also, but their in-game play options are great and add some serious points in the ratings for software in my book.

While Lock Poker does not currently offer a telephone number for players to contact them with, which some people feel is a big negative. Fortunately though, Lock Poker’s email support and live chat support are both available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are quick with their response on both of these things, but if you are really looking for a fast response then just stick with the live chat. Both options have gotten good reviews from players, so don’t hesitate to contact the customer support at Lock Poker with any questions or concerns.

Ring Games and Tournaments

Lock Poker is going to offer both different styles of Texas Hold’em and Omaha as well, and both are going to be offered with Limit and No Limit or Pot Limit. As far as the different limits that you’ll have as far as options go, you can play anywhere from $0.02/$0.04 to $500/$1000 for the limit games, and can play the exact same limits for No Limit and Pot Limit as well. The tournaments range a good bet and can be freerolls with no entry fees for some events, while others can get up into the hundreds of dollars. Overall though, the game selection will really work for any type or level of player at the site.